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Hey Shaun.

I've been over at the betfair VIP slack channel a lot more lately. Lots of good info on there.

I am doing well but revenue is currently down with a number of sports on break.

March total this month is only up 3.2K. Its been as high as 7K but just seems to be meandering around slowly in the upward direction.

If I didn't mention it I am now a platinum Betfair VIP which is the highest level. One of my goals for this year was to hit this level so I am glad I achieved it so early in the year.

My biggest interest is the Betfair streaming API right now. Its a lot harder to use (ie code for) but it has so much more potential. I now get prices streamed to me every time the prices change. I can't store that amount of data so testing is now live but I can now do trading systems as opposed to the systems I currently do. So this opens a whole new world of potential.

I am now reading a lot of the blogs about trading on betfair and what they do. While I have read about trading before I am now being able to apply the concepts and that is when you really learn. So lots for me to learn.

I've already created another 4 systems since yesterday based on the small amount of data to go into paper trading. I am throwing myself into analysis as its a good break for the mind from the constant media onslaught about the virus.

Have you done much with the streaming API?
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