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Still yet to make a good captain choice: last week it was Funstar's turn to fall short. I held steady in the ratings and remain in the top 6% overall - without doing any handicapping and just searching for value in the game pricing with respect to real-world odds.

There are some big-priced runners contesting the races this weekend and I need an extra million in my salary cap to afford the ones that I want. Everyone's in the same boat though, to at least a certain extent (the highest-earning stables have an extra $275k more than me).

This weekend's stable:
Nature Strip
Castelvecchio (c)
Quick Thinker
Ole Kirk

Jockey: J. McDonald

There was quite a bit of shuffling around with the stable, given the cap limitations and some quite similar expected values. Doubtland, Prague and Paradee were all in there at one stage before being swapped out for runners who were very marginally ahead. Hopefully these miss out on Saturday and I'm rewarded for having a closer look at things.
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