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Originally Posted by walkermac
There was quite a bit of shuffling around with the stable, given the cap limitations and some quite similar expected values. Doubtland, Prague and Paradee were all in there at one stage before being swapped out for runners who were very marginally ahead. Hopefully these miss out on Saturday and I'm rewarded for having a closer look at things.
And wouldn't you know it....!? LOL. Doubtland won and Prague got 2nd. I think I still came out slightly ahead with their replacements and what they allowed for the rest of my stable, but it's easy to see where I could have plugged them in for some poor performers. Speaking of poor performers: to the surprise of no-one my Captain failed once again, with Castelvecchio going down. I really liked Nature Strip and held concerns regarding Castelvecchio over the longer distance, but I'd made a decision just to go with whatever the figures said.

I ended up with a total of 236pts this week, leaving me in the top 7% of stables. Had I got my Captain right I would have finished 750 or so places higher.... Overall I'm sitting around 650th of 14,000-odd teams; not bad for just doing what the market says/my salary cap allows.

With a couple of winners - and no big losers - my salary cap goes up $75000 for next week, the penultimate round. I'm no chance of taking it out but the scoreboard is quite compressed, so hopefully I can continue the rise. ...and finally get a captain choice right!
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