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Default Greyhound data - the dogs

Hey lads,

I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I'm trying to get some greyhound data from 'the dogs' website. Basically going into a specific dog you can see all its historical runs if you click the 'show more' button.

i.e. check out this dog:

I'm using some of Shaun's old macro's to bring in the greyhound which works fine however two things:

1) It only shows the last 5 runs, not the full history of runs
2) None of the box image/text comes through which is arguably the most important part.

If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated, figured i'd take a look at greyhounds as a bit of a side project but obtaining form from various sources is proving rather difficult.

Can discuss more via email or private messages if that helps and then can provide some screenshots of the macro im using and/or whats coming through to excel.

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