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Originally Posted by walkermac
Quick poke:

You can get the remaining races from the dog's history by adding /full-form?page=1&profile=true to the end of the dog's URL (i.e. you get the latest 5 runs from the URL you posted and the prior ones from that page; there may be multiple pages though - not sure how many records it loads per page).

You could get the box stats by scraping the page HTML into a string, discarding everything to the left of 'box history', and then parsing for the data you want. It's always going to be a grid of the same size and, looking at the HTML code, there's various repeating tags and labels (e.g. "box-history__box table__cell--tight") that you can use to chop the string up to get at the figures you need. (if you were talking about the box data in the history: same deal, more or less: search for "rug_" in the areas of the HTML you're interested in)

Good one, i went back to have a look how i missed that, my html code reading is a bit lame but i can see the address in the button.
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