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The Best Horse Racing Movies That Horse Lovers Need To See

Horse racing lovers will always be geared up to watching a good horse racing movie, regardless of the exaggeration within the storylines. Many times they will always integrate horse race gambling within the tale of the film too. Based on when most horse racing films were made, they didnít have the benefits of finding all the best horse racing tips in one place like we do nowadays.
The list down below features some of the best traditional and non-traditional racing movies that have different angles on the way they present themselves to horse lovers. They really are top-notch and deserve every attention to those that favour a good night in dedicated to their favourite pastime.
Phar Lap

Phar Lap is a horse racing movie that covers the true story of a racehorse that managed to obtain the most successful and unbelievable journey. Dominating the 1930s for his exceptional streak of winning races, he unfortunately was not able to take the final plunge of his career due to health obstacles that later took his life when the opportunity to take on Australia and New Zealand came.
His trainer, Harry Telford, encouraged Davis to actually purchase Phar the racehorse and pay to increase his training access. However, it was not a successful ploy and therefore rendered Phars career as limited. Even though he won the Melbourne Cup, Cox Plates and so on, he had the potential of achieving so much more and becoming an international great story. It is believed the horse Phar was poisoned by those that gambled on other horses to take the lead, however this very much remains a rumour and is therefore not a solid fact, as it could never be proven.

Being very close to the top of the list, Seabiscuit is another great tale of a horse that was spun from a novel and not real-life events. Becoming an American legend, we actually saw some horses use the same title across huge events like the Kentucky Derby and so on, however the fictional novel provided hope to the horse racing masses more than anything else.
Nominated for an academy award, we see this movie follow the tale of three men, and a horse named Seabiscuit. The men together are able to transform their horse into a fiery and spirited racehorse that is able to take on the racing tracks for glory and of course, wealth. Being of excellent pedigree, Seabiscuit wins horse races, left, right and centre-becoming the American nation's favourite in very little time. This movie is a feel-good tale that will lift the spirits of anyone looking to win big at the races.


Perhaps the most recent out of the compilation, Hidalgo tells a tale of a mustang horse ridden by Hopkins within the years of 1890. Being a part of the Buffalo Wild West Show, we see the rider and horse battle the ranks to become the world's greatest endurance horse and rider. Challenged by a 3000-mile racecourse across the Najd desert, the race restricts the participants to Arabian horses, due to their natural endurance and stamina. Through patience and persistence, Hidalgo and Frank are allowed to participate with an exception, despite facing many obstacles and prejudices along the way of their journey to proving themselves. 

Reaching an almost breaking point in their journey, Frank almost contemplates shooting his companion and stallion Hidalgo, until a spiritual awakening in the desert pushes them back on their way to complete the race. Once the race is done, Frank purchases the rest of the herd of Mustangs to which Hidalgo originated from, releasing them all into the wild, and allowing Hidalgo too, to be one of them. Running free, man and horse part as friends, never to be forgotten but always connected as one. This tale is based on a true story, making it all the more worth watching.

Let It Ride

Last but not least, we have a 1989 production which is a comedy revolving entirely around the concept of gambling and horses. Within the tale we see Jay Trotter have a gambling problem, to which he promises his wife of his pending and hopeful end to his addiction. All seems well and good until he becomes tempted by the news of a fixed horse race that promises a certain killing or a win. Redeeming multiple wins consecutively, Jay continues, showcasing luck after luck. With no bad end to this movie, it is worth watching if you need a little pick me up.