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Originally Posted by UselessBettor
I have never thought about it. Its an interesting idea.

Can you expand on what you are thinking?

Dutching for 1 place is easy as the math is the same as the dutching for a win.

Dutching for X placings is a little more complex but I think I could work it out.

Give me an example of what your thinking and I'll see what I can come up with.


I was thinking of taking the same 3 or 4 selections I'd dutch for the win, but instead dutching for 2 of them to place.

Placing just one of them would give lower returns but a higher strike rate.

So, 2 to 3 selections for one of them to run a place, (as you say it's same as dutching for a win)
And 3 to 5 selections to run two places.


Got ta have a larf, eh?
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