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Forum Rules and Terms of Use

By registering to use the OZmium Forums the user agrees to abide by the following Terms of Use. Please note that the Forums are a free service extended by a commercial entity and are not public property. The Forum Terms of Use take precedence over freedom of expression, in the interests of maintaining this service.

Terms of Use

People who register for the Forums may receive occasional promotional material via e-mail from OZmium Pty Ltd. This will be minimal and your e-mail address will not knowingly be passed on to any third party under any circumstances. When e-mails are sent to forum members using the forum software, no representation is made that this mailing method will be free of error or will guarantee 100% security of each recipient's email address.

The OZmium Forums are minimally moderated. Postings are not checked before publication, but if any are detected that run contrary to the Terms of Use outlined here they may be edited or deleted. In extreme cases, where a breach of the law may have occurred, the appropriate authorities will be alerted.

When registering to post on the Forums please choose an appropriate user name. Obscene or overly suggestive names are not permitted. Names that double as a commercial promotion by containing the name of a site or a hyperlink are not allowed without prior permission of the Forum owners. The use of famous names as pseudonyms in cases where some readers could reasonably be expected to think that it really might be that person are not allowed. (Example: It is okay to call yourself Napoleon Bonaparte, but not okay to call yourself Gai Waterhouse, unless you are in fact her!)

Opinions and advice offered on the Forums should be treated with due caution and the owners of this site do not accept responsibility for any loss arising from it. Any opinions expressed here belong to the poster and are not endorsed by the Forum owners unless explicitly stated.

Management reserves the right to use the Forums in any way it sees fit, including the posting of commercial material. All postings to the Forums and their subsequent threads become the property of the Forum owners. Requests for the removal of postings and their threads for reasons other than factual error, potentially defamatory content, or occasional special circumstances will in most cases not be granted.

The following types of postings are not acceptable.

Potentially defamatory or libellous. This especially relates to the identifying of businesses, racing products, racing personalities or other individuals in a context that could harm reputations, even if justified.

Offensive language or sexual content.

Personal abuse or unpleasantness. A member who persistently alienates other members of the Forum may be restricted or banned.

Incitement of racial hatred or other activities illegal under Australian law.

Promotion of other sites in a way that might be expected to result in financial disadvantage to OZmium Pty Ltd. For advice on what is acceptable in this regard before posting, please contact OZmium management via the link on the right hand menu.

Promotion of 'get rich quick' schemes or e-mail solicitations to join such schemes.

Unpaid advertisements or spam.

Irrelevant or off-topic postings such as political or religious rhetoric.

Persistent attacks on OZmium Pty Ltd designed to cause commercial harm.

Postings that circumvent censored words. Users should not attempt to bypass the forum word censor software by altering the spelling, or any other methods. Obscene words are banned to create a more pleasant environment for all users. If a business name has been banned, there is a reason for that and the Forum owner's wishes should be respected.

Postings not covered by any of the above, but deemed clearly inappropriate by management.

Note: Management reserves the right to responsibly edit postings in line with the Terms of Use outlined above, for example to remove an obscene reference from an otherwise worthwhile posting, without justification or entering into correspondence.

Management reserves the right to restrict or ban members who contravene the Terms of Use, or become difficult or vexatious, without justification or entering into correspondence.

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