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Mr Guy West

Guy was a professional share market investor before helping to found OZmium in 2000. He won Telecom Australia's national 'Moneywatch Investment Challenge' in 1991, turning a hypothetical $1 million into $136 million in one month of simulated trading on the ASX.

Guy has experience as a Company Director and is a former Australian Chess Champion, holding the title of International Master. He is an occasional tournament and cash poker player.

Guy was a founding director and co-owner of Publicdebate.com.au Pty Ltd and orchestrated the deal that saw the former listed Australian company Federation Group Ltd take a 50% stake in the business, leading to the signing of media personality Derryn Hinch as CEO.

He was a previous chess columnist for The Age newspaper and has served as President of the Victorian Chess Association and the Australian Chess Federation.

The photo is from a 2006 international chess tournament in Queenstown, New Zealand.


External Consultants and Contributing Authors

IT support
Mr Brantyn Brown (IT Support Partners)

Advertising Manager
Mr Peter Hodges

Sports betting
Professor Stephen Clarke (AFL football & sports statistics)
Professor Raymond Stefani (International Rugby Union & sports statistics)

Gambling essays and reports
Mr Andrew Scott

Casino games & probability theory
Dr Tristan Barnett

Mr Neil Davis
, Director of Racing Services

1953 - 2017

All of us involved with OZmium were saddened by the passing of Neil Davis, part owner and director of the company for 16 years. Neil held an honours degree in Philosophy from Monash University. He was a College English Co-Ordinator for four years and taught English at Year 12 level.

Neil was a contributing Editor for Chess in Australia magazine as well as being a former championship level player.

At the end of 1992 Neil left teaching after becoming a successful share market investor and maintained a strong involvement in the share market until his death.

Neil's analytical skills also came into play during a period as a successful blackjack player. Crown Casino placed restrictions on him, conceding that he was too good to play unchecked.

An interest in thoroughbred racing nurtured since the early 1980's provided Neil with a new challenge when in 1998 he used his experience in this area to set up Professional Punter Publishing, a newsletter and racing information company dedicated to providing racing punters with an edge. His Pro-Punter website gained a reputation for publishing cynical and hard hitting essays about the gallops and presenting views not often heard from the racing media.

In mid 2000 Neil, who knew the founding OZmium directors through competitive chess, formed a strategic alliance to help develop his business further. In January 2001 OZmium Pty Ltd acquired the Pro-Punter business, with Neil joining the Board of Directors to bring the number of directors at the time to five.

At the time of his passing he was a shareholder and the chief racing analyst for OZmium and in his directorial role he contributed management and business expertise as well as editing the Pro-Punter website.