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Originally Posted by Shaun
Sounds like you are keeping busy then, i believe the program i use has made some changes in regards to streaming but i haven't done anything myself, i find it easy to just funnel all my bets through them using excel.

Busy is an understatement. Between punting, working and side businesses its pretty much crazy as usual. Throw the virus on top and the stress can get to you. Just keeping at it one day at a time but I know I am in a better position than a lot of society and I am very grateful and thankful for that. Still I miss my daily coffee from my barista and I feel sorry for him and his family. I would buy 1-2 coffees every day but its all closed now and I make my own coffee at home.

I know people have lost their jobs, been stood down or are fearful their jobs will be gone very soon. My wife doesn't work so I am the only person bringing in an income. The good thing is even if I lost my job I know I have alternative streams of income from betting and side businesses. It would just mean I would have less income... but still an income.

The current low is very sad though and the amount of deaths is something we should all be very upset/angry about. I feel for all of the families who have lost someone.

Give it time, things will get better, the scars will be there for a long time though.

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