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What are Free Spins? How do Free Spins Work?

From Emma: January 2020

The Internet has become a virtual world which houses everything ranging from banks, stores, and shops. Now, even casinos have gone online and these online casinos have become an integral part of the gambling world. People who don't find time to visit a land-based casino can gamble from the convenience of their rooms in an online casino. Most of these online casinos offer a wide range of bonuses and promotions in order to attract customers. One of these bonuses and promotions comes in the form of free spins. These free spins come either with a deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus. Hence, free spins are, actually, a type of additional bonus which is provided either if the player makes a particular deposit or simply without any requirement of a deposit. With these free spins in your kitty, you can try your luck on the online slot machines in accordance with the number of free spins provided.

Most of the times these spins are a part of a welcome bonus which you get upon registering yourself as a customer on the casino. Minimum 10 free spins are provided and this number can go anywhere up to 200 or more. Though these free spins might not be valid on all the games they still are a pretty cool way to try your luck on certain online slot machines without actually having to spend real money. However, free spins don't guarantee that the money which you will allocate under your account utilizing the free spins will be disbursed immediately and as it is to you. In fact, there is a number of conditions associated with this provision of free spins. Let us have a look at each one of them below.

Rules & Regulations Associated With Free Spins

It will be extremely difficult to find an online casino which doesn't have any kind of rules and regulations associated with free spins. In fact, if you happen to find a casino like that, immediately go for it without any delay. The following rules and regulations are, usually, associated with free spins that come without any deposit.

No Instant Withdrawal of Winnings

If you are of the opinion that the winnings that you will collect will be disbursed to your account immediately then sadly, you are mistaken. Often, you have to reach a certain level of the amount before the same can be disbursed to your account. Hence, you actually have to wage real money in order to get access to your bonus winnings. However, while waging real money there is no surety that you will win each round. Therefore you could end up losing your own money and result in virtually no funds available in your casino winnings account.

Conversion to real money is limited to a specific amount

Your best chance of making it big through free spins is to win a big amount in these initial spins and thereafter utilize the same amount to meet the rules and regulations of the online casino in regard to the withdrawal of bonus winnings. This way you are not utilizing your own money on wagers and end up making a no-risk investment.

However, online casinos tend to be smarter than the people. To prevent this situation to occur they put a cap over the credits that you have won and limited their availability to get converted into real money. Thus, in this case, too, you require putting in a certain amount of real money in order to get access to the bonus winnings and disbursal of the same to your account.

Conclusion - Are Free Spins a Mere Hoax?

While free spins do provide a definite advantage of trying out the online casino games before waging real money the chances of earning something through free spins are fairly low. They do are a great type of bonus but you must keep in mind that the winnings earned through free spins are a bonus too and hence, are subject to the rules and regulations associated with casino bonuses. Therefore free spins must not be considered a primary factor before choosing an online casino for gambling.