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Predictions for the 2020 Six Nations Rugby Championship Final Round
From Ben Jardine: October 2020

The Six Nations Are Back on the Field

With the Championship halted since March, it was refreshing to watch the game on Saturday. As the teams ready themselves for next weekend, here is what you need to know for the fifth and final round.

Italy took another heavy blow against the Irish, and it looks like they will take home the wooden spoon. Wales won with a Grand Slam in 2019, but they are second to last this year. Things do not seem to be going well with Wayne Pivac, their new coach, who's also new to international championships.

With only three games left, Ireland, England, and France will head into Super Saturday with a chance of winning the Championship. The Irish lead by one point, with a total of 14 against 13 for France and England. However, the situation is dire for Ireland. The English team, going against the Italians, have the edge over the others. Meanwhile, the Irish will head to Paris - or rather, Saint-Denis - for their last game.

So Who's Taking the Trophy Home?

Back in February, the QBE Insurance Group had its supercomputer calculating precise odds for the outcome, simulating the whole tournament 10,000 times. After over 150,000 simulated games, the odds were in. England led with a 53% chance of winning, followed by the Irish with a 22% chance.

As with any statistical forecast, the odds aren't guaranteed, and we can see their predictions already falling apart. According to their calculations, Wales had the third-highest chance of winning, and yet they're currently second to last, fighting for fourth place.

The Italians still have zero points on the leaderboard, and England have a clear advantage for their last game. Can the English team tie for first in points and score enough against Italy to take the lead from Ireland?

The Irish can still win, but they'll probably need a bonus point. England are behind by one point and a points difference of 23. If they manage to score four tries against the French, they can guarantee the trophy, but a narrow victory might not be enough. France have been strong this year, so this might be too tall an order.

The English have already won the Triple Crown this year, and it seems like they might win the Championship as well. It'll be tight for the Irish, but they can still manage to lift the trophy.

A Spooky Super Saturday

This year, the Six Nations Championship was delayed due to the pandemic for the first time in history. The last round will be on the 31st of October, which is also Halloween. So you should be ready to have children trick-or-treating during the matches. If you wish to watch the games undisturbed, it might be smart to leave some treats at the door in advance. We hope the date won't bring any bad luck to the teams!

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